1. Standard Nasal Cannula
• Available with various nasal prongs        
• Over-the-ear design optimizes fit and stability        
• Star lumen design oxygen tubing for crush- and kink- resistant
• Latex free material improve patient’s safety        
• Available with standard connector, E connector and universal connector
Code Size Tubing Length Tubing OD Lariat Nasal Prong Standard connector Case Quantity
Feet 5mm Standard Soft Straight Flared
RMJ01 Adult 7ft     100
RMJ02 Pediatric 7ft     100
RMJ03 Infant 7ft     100
RMJ04 Neonate 7ft     100
RMJ05 Adult 7ft     100
RMJ06 Adult 10ft     50
RMJ07 Pediatric 10ft     50
RMJ08 Infant 10ft     50
RMJ09 Neonate 10ft     50
RMJ10 Adult 14ft     50
RMJ11 Pediatric 14ft     50
RMJ12 Infant 14ft     50
RMJ13 Neonate 14ft     50
RMJ14 Adult 25ft     25
RMJ15 Adult 50ft     10
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