Soft touch nasal cannula
1.Soft touch nasal cannulas help minimize irritation and soreness.
2.Available in varity of patient sizes and crush-resistant tubing lengths.
3.Made of an advanced material that is soft,flexible and non-sticky.
4.Available with bule tubing or transparent tubing,green supply tubing increases visibility and helps to reduce connection errors.
5.Over-the-ear design optimizes fit and stability.
6.Natural rubber latex free
7.Available with 6P free or 16P free material.
8.For single patient use only,individual package.
9.Conforms to ISO-10993 bio-compatibility standard.


NO. Specification Prong Material Set/Carton
0234004 Adult Dipping PVC 100/Carton
0234005 Pediatric Dipping PVC 100/Carton
0234006 Infant Dipping PVC 100/Carton
0234007 Neonate Dipping PVC 100/Carton
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