Soft touch Prong
1.Proprietary material blend incorporated into the nasal prongs can help improve the patient comfort and enhance quality of care:16P free material.
2.Instead of hard"PVC"nasal prong which will abrade the skin and cause damage.
3.The super softness touch nasal prong safely protect nasal mucosa.
4.With thinness of nasal prongs,extremely lightweight while virtually eliminating facial pressure.
5.Large diameter reduce the flow resistance.
6.Widely used and great care for patient.
7.Natural rubber latex free
8.Conforms to ISO-10993 bio-compatibility standard.


NO. Specification Prong Material
B1009 Adult Dipping PVC
B1010 Pediatric Dipping PVC
B1011 Infant Dipping PVC
B1012 Neonate Dipping PVC


Comparison chart of soft tip nasal prong and standard tip nasal prong

Profile Illustrate Soft tip nasal prong Standard tip nasal prong Comments
Sample Pictures N/A      
Transparency By Visual Inspection High Medium~Low  
Softness N/A 30-40HA 45-60HA The lower the softer
Flow/Liter Per minute Test in set(start flow at 3.00L/min) 2.90-2.95 2.75-2.80 Standard Flow at 2.70-2.95L/min
Thickness OD(mm) 6.20 5.25 The thinner the better
ID(mm) 4.75 3.10
Thickness(mm) 1.45 2.15
Weight g 0.83 0.96 The lighter the better,which makes patients more comfortable
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