Venturi Mask
1.Made of clear,medical grade PVC
2.With adjustable nose clip,elastic strap with/without latex.
3.Two color coded diluters for seven concentrations:Green diluter for 24%,26%,28%,30%,white diluter for 35%,40%,50%
4.Color:green transparent,white transparent,light blue transparent.
5.Available with 7′anti-crush tubing,the length can be customized.
6.Packing:individual package,50pcs/carton or 100pcs/carton.


Item Number Size
RM401 XL:Adult Elongated
RM402 L:Adult European
RM403 M:Pediatric Elongated
RM404 S:Pediatric Standard
RM405 XS:Neonate


Table of correspondent oxygen concentration for different oxygen flow:


Adjust Oxygen Concentration Oxygen Flow
24% 3L/min
26% 3L/min
28% 6L/min
30% 6L/min
35% 9L/min
40% 12L/min
50% 15L/min
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