13. Fixed Venturi Mask


• Transparent and clear medical grade PVC
• Adjustable nose clip designs for maximum patient comfort
• Ergonomically design with over-chin and under-chin mask type
• Available with adjustable, variable venturi system delivering accurate O2 concentrations (24%, 28%, 31%, 35%, 40%, 50%, 60%) from a single unit.
Code Size Mask Type Concentration Tubing Length Standard Connector Case Quantity
Under-chin Over-chin High Feet
RMD01 Adult, XL   Fixed- 6 diluters 7ft 50
RMD02 Adult Small, L   Fixed- 6 diluters 7ft 50
RMD03 Pediatric, M   Fixed- 6 diluters 7ft 50
RMD04 Infant, S   Fixed- 6 diluters 7ft 50
RMD05 Adult, XL   Fixed- 7 diluters 7ft 50
RMD06 Adult Small, L   Fixed- 7 diluters 7ft 50
RMD07 Pediatric, M   Fixed- 7 diluters 7ft 50
RMD08 Infant, S   Fixed- 7 diluters 7ft 50
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